REC 2023

All conference participants must fill out a questionnaire.
To participate in the conference without speech, an application is also required.
On June 27-29, 2023, a cycle of round tables is held within the framework of the Conference. 
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27/06/2023 ver. 4 

27/06/2023 ver. 4


June 27, 2023
Ekaterinburg time zone (MSK+2 hours; UTC+5)
10.00–14.00 Plenary Session. Join online.
11.00–14.00 Round Table “Sustainable Green Development of Urban Agglomerations: Strategic Plans and Practical Solutions”. Join online.
14.00–17.00 Round table “Creative Reindustrialization of Second-Tier Cities: Models and Scenarios”. Join onlineLive Stream.
14.30–17.00 Scientific Session “Cities of the Future: Sustainable, Smart, Green”. Join online.
14.30–17.00 Scientific Session “Economic Aspects and Foundations of Urban Development”. Join online.
June 28, 2023
Ekaterinburg time zone (MSK+2 hours; UTC+5)
10.00–13.00 Round Table "Municipal Statistics and Alternative Data Sources for the Analysis of Socio-Economic Development of Cities". Join online.
10.00–13.00 Scientific Session "Urban Transformation: Guidelines, Problems and Management Mechanisms". Join online.
10.00–13.00 Scientific Session "Assessment and Transformation of the Quality of the Urban Environment". Join online.
14.00–17.00 Round Table "The Future of Industrial Territories in the Global World Order". Join online.
14.00–17.00 Scientific Session "Labour Potential and Quality of Life of the Urban Population". Join online.
June 29, 2023
Ekaterinburg time zone (MSK+2 hours; UTC+5)
10.00–15.00 Round Table "The Role of the Editor-in-Chief in Managing an Economic Academic Journal". Join online.
13.00–15.00 Round Table "Cities of the Urals in the New Era".