Important Dates

Can be changed! Please keep track.


Start Pre-Registration: Febrary 27, 2023 
Pre-Registration: June 12, 2023 (FINAL DEADLINE) UPD


Start of submission of manuscripts for articles RISC: Febrary 27, 2023
Start of submission of manuscripts for publications in journal EDP Science: March 10, 2023
Submission of manuscript: June 12, 2023 (FINAL DEADLINE) UPD
Notification of inclusion of speech in Conference Agenda: June 01, 2023
Confirmation of participation with speech (from the authors): June 05, 2023
Conference Day : June 27-29, 2023
Peer review: June-July, 2023
Revision of manuscript (if required): June-July, 2023
Acceptance notification (for manuscripts): August-September, 2023
Publication: expect in 2023/2024 (approximately 4-9 months after the date of the event)