Call For Papers

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Call for Participation in the round tables of the conference
The Regional Economics Conference is created to make the efforts of the scientific community, government and business representatives united, with the purpose to solve the fundamental problem of overcoming challenges to the development of territorial communities of different levels. Within the framework of the Conference, a wide range of issues of the regional economy is considered, but every year the attention of the participants focuses on the one basic feature of regional development - complex and debatable aspect.
In 2023, the topic of the Conference is the prospects for the development of cities: the place they occupy in the new socio-economic conditions; the features they should have; the features of managing their transformations.
Generalization of modern concepts of urban development makes it possible to form an image of the city of the future - high-tech, economically developed, comfortable to live in, eco-friendly, characterized by high quality environment and relying in its transformations on the need to balance the interests of all its inhabitants. Thus, the city shoud be:
  • Green - environmentally friendly
  • Livable - habitable
  • Amiable - pleasant, beautiful
  • Smart - smart
  • Sustainable - sustainable
The combination of the 5 named features (GLASS) allows to take a comprehensive look at the urban system - fragile, but at the same time solid, and the following questions will serve as the basis for the disclosure of each of them:
  • What factors of the city transformation are the most significant in modern conditions?
  • What methods and tools can be used to analyze the development of the city?
  • What guidelines should determine the directions of cities transformation of different types?
  • What prevents cities of different types from achieving their goals?
  • How should the process of urban development management be organized?